An aligner system, such as Invisalign® clear aligners, is merely a tool. A tool that is used to execute a thoroughly diagnosed and thought-out treatment plan. Anyone can play a tune on the piano but only a master can play Beethoven. Your smile should be important enough for you to want the best.

Every aligner system needs to be programmed. Relying solely on artificial intelligence will not likely achieve your desired results. Great results require the expertise and eagle eye of an experienced specialist. Dr. Jon Moles personally builds every one of his treatment plans to fit the individual he is treating. Genuine and effective patient care can’t come in a box from the internet. It’s the personal touch of direct doctor care that will ensure your smile is top notch!


  • Invisalign can be used in conjunction with extractions of teeth, to make room in cases of severe overcrowding.
  • Invisalign has attachments: scientifically engineered, tooth colored, composite “handles” built into a plan and glued onto your teeth by our technicians to interact with the smart track material. Attachments help the aligners accomplish specific corrections such as rotations and unsightly height discrepancies.
  • Nearly every bite can be corrected by using auxiliary attachments and elastics.
  • Spaces can be closed without collapsing the appearance of the arch form with thoughtful space closure technique. Gaps between teeth are often caused by other anatomical anomalies that cannot be addressed without the direct care of a specialist. Congenitally undersized teeth, oversized teeth and frenum attachments all contribute to unwanted spaces. Dr. Moles will be able to build cosmetic restorations into your plan to achieve the very best end result.
  • When crowding isn’t bad enough to necessitate extraction, a technique called interproximal reduction is employed to create the millimeters needed for perfect alignment. This technique can only be accomplished in a clinic by a trained professional.
  • Invisalign allows plenty of time for an unlimited number of case refinements! You’re not done until you’re happy!
  • Our orthodontist has even used Invisalign to treat severe cases requiring jaw surgery as part of the plan!


The case is clear. “Do it yourself” methods lack the ability to properly treat most patients given the absence of an actual doctor and clinic. When you choose the direct doctor care method, you will be happy at the end of your treatment. And if you’re not, Dr. Moles will be personally available to discuss your results and will work alongside you as a team, to get it right. If you are going to invest your valuable time and hard-earned money into anything, you should want to give it the best chance to succeed. The expertise of Dr. Moles and his treatment team will work to get you there!

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